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Mold inspection and testing

What to Expect in a Mold Inspection

If there is mold present, then there is a water intrusion issue. The first and most important part of a mold inspection is to identify any issues with water intrusion, the causes, and recommendation for fixing the problem.

What Comes After the Water Intrusion Issue is Identified

If mold is present then a plan of action needs to be taken to remediate the mold safely. This would include how to remove, how to prep the area before and after removal, and how to reinstall new materials, after any water intrusion issues have been resolved.


Samples of mold can be taken and sent to a lab for identification, and or air tests can be taken to determine the mold levels in the home. A minimum of two samples needs to be taken. One from the area of concern and a second at the exterior of the home as a control sample. 

Air samples are a snapshot in time of mold levels when the air sample is taken. Levels can go up or down depending on the exterior weather conditions.


A mold inspection including a water intrusion inspection, (2) air samples or (2) mold samples, with a PDF of the mold report and lab report is $275. 

Each additional air sample above (2) is $50 each.

Each additional mold sample above (2) is $50 each.